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We are a specialist investment management company providing discretionary services for individuals, wealthy families and business owners – corporate services.
Our discretionary investment management services cover a range of different levels to suit your specific investment objectives.

Whether we help you to create a personally tailored investment portfolio which we then manage on your behalf, or whether we manage your funds as part of one of our collective investment vehicles, we do not compromise on the fundamental elements of our offer to you:
• Your investments will be selected and managed by our highly professional investment team
• Investments will be actively managed taking account of your overall investment objectives
• You will have a designated investment manager who will ensure that your individual needs are taken into account
• You will receive regular reports and communication on your investments

We also offer independent advisers a full range of services to accommodate the investment needs of a broad range of their clients, tailored to their investment objectives and risk tolerance.

Financial advisory

Our specialists will help you as an individual investor or your business set more clear vision. We will assist you to be more competitive in nowadays tough market. We are proficient in the following areas:
• Trading in Equities
• Financial Planning & Wealth Management
• IPOs & Mutual Funds
• Derivatives: (Equities, Commodities & Currencies)
• Trading in Currencies
• Trading in Commodities: (Base Metals, Precious Metals, Non-Metals & Agri-Products)
• Portfolio Management Services: (Discretionary, Non-discretionary, Advisory)
• Packaged Financial Solutions: (Individuals, Corporate, Gratuity / Superannuation Trusts)
• Exchange Traded Funds(ETFs)
• Business planning - We are ready to do business planning for a new venture, loan taking, investment making and planning, new business communications and more.
• Corporate finance - We can identify opportunities and risks for enterprises. We are responsive, careful about details and dedicated to our clients.
• Our portfolio of corporate finance advisory services includes:
• strategic marketing
• corporate development advisory
• corporate financial analyses

Financial modeling and risk management

We offer our customers financial operations modeling to facilitate operations management. We support clients in identifying, understanding and managing risk and help to ensure an appropriate balance between risks and opportunities.

• Financial modeling - Financial modeling services are:
• portfolio management 
• asset investment analysis and consulting
• project management

• Financial risk management - Our financial Risk Management service includes:
• credit risk assessment and management
• operational risk assessment and management
• market and liquidity risks assessment and management

• It risk management - Our IT risk management services are:
• internal and external risk assessment and management
• policy development of risk mitigation

Hasegawa Financial Holdings provides independent and unbiased valuation services to its customers.
Our valuation team has prolonged experience concerning company’s fixed assets (including tangible and intangible assets) and business valuation in different sectors of economy (e.g. mining, energy, water industry, agriculture, transportation, banking, food industry; etc.).  
The company is specialized in property valuation, including tangible and intangible assets, business valuation, both for domestic and international, for public and private, for big and small companies.

• BUSINESS VALUATION - We offer business valuation for problem solving services on the following issues: merger, acquisition and disposition, financial reporting, bankruptcy and reorganization, litigation and dispute resolution, strategic planning.

• REAL ESTATE VALUATION - We will assist you in valuation of any property. It encompasses property right valuation, valuation of rent, usage, other rights, namely land plot, plant and property, building and other additions on a land.

• INTANGIBLE GOOD VALUATION - The spectrum of our expertise is very wide and covers the areas such as valuation of brand, license, patent, copyright, website, software, information, commercial secret, know-how etc.