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Customers and Solutions

Our constant dialogue with customers drives innovation and delivers value to customers and society. We involve customers in the development of new tools and solutions. Our solutions integrate and simplify the work of professionals and give them the information they need, when they need it.
We provide our customers with the latest and most reliable content, integrated with innovative and cutting-edge technology. In doing so, we efficiently improve the work of our customers and help them make better-informed decisions that have a positive impact on the clients they serve.

Our solutions contribute to sustainability
Profitable growth means more than just improving financial results for our shareholders; it means creating sustainable growth by providing high-quality solutions that improve the quality of work and the quality of life for our customers and communities. To reach these goals, we continue to invest 9-10% of our revenues in new and enhanced products each year.

Our solutions improve the quality of work and life for customers and, consequently, for society. We develop integrated solutions across all of our divisions that facilitate the work of professionals, improving the quality of life for their clients around the world.

Community Involvement

Wherever we work, Hasegawa Financial Holdings employees are part of the community. Promoting initiatives that improve those communities’ quality of life is an important part of our involvement in the world as a whole. Our employees’ skills and our services deliver solutions that aim to improve the quality of life of people in local communities.
At the corporate level, we support initiatives in need of our help in places outside our operations.

At the local or business unit level, employees sponsor meaningful initiatives for their communities, often teaming up with customers. Our combined expertise helps to create a lasting impact on the quality of life in our communities.

Employees are encouraged to develop ideas that support their local communities. Offering their expertise, products, and time, they significantly contribute to making their communities better.

Hasegawa Financial Holdings regularly partners with customers to create an impact at the community level, improving the quality of life for communities. We also support customers worldwide in times of crisis.

Employee Engagement

We attribute much of our achievement to our employees. Their skills are essential for the development of innovative solutions for our customers. The creativity and ambitions of our workforce make this innovation possible. We are dedicated to attracting and retaining people with the greatest talent and highest capabilities. Ingenuity and innovation are promoted by developing a diverse workforce and rewarding outstanding results and exceptional work. During past years, we have developed programs that encourage employees to become more involved in innovative product development. These initiatives make us successful at what we do, both for our customers and for the community.

People drive business
Hasegawa Financial Holdings recognizes employees who make significant contributions to our success during our annual Innovation Award ceremony. The award goes to those employees and teams who developed a profoundly innovative product or solution. These distinctive solutions combine expert knowledge, software, and services to deliver superior value to our customers. An Innovation Board was set up to keep track of best practices and to select the award winners.

Towards new working methods
Hasegawa Financial Holdings’ employee engagement is regularly recognized for its excellence. The HR Excellence Awards addressed the theme ‘The Leap to the New World of Work’. It recognizes HR partners who excel in exceptional quality service and innovative solutions that help organizations to make the transition to the “New Working Methods” organization model.

Global talent
Hasegawa Financial Holdings is a company operating on a Pan-Asian scale and needs a continuous stream of talent to remain successful in the global environment. Hasegawa Financial Holdings established a strong Talent Development strategy, structure, and roadmap. Within the Talent Development framework, we established a Talent Governance Board that makes senior-level employees responsible for talent development.